Underfloorheating, heated screeds and solid floorboards

Underfloorheatings, heated screeds and solid wooden floorboards, is it possible?

Often, a costumer’s buying decision depends on the question, whether solid wooden floorboards are compatible with an underfloorheating. The answer is: Yes, floorboards can be installed on underfloorheatings, no matter if the building is a newly built or a renovated one. Underfloorheatings should either be integrated in cement or possess aluminium heating sheets, that protect the floorboards from touching the heating pipes. We gladly recommend you the appropriate producers of underfloorheatings.


Good to know…

Two important conditions for installing a wooden solid floor is low cement/substructure moisture and a controlled room climate.  High moisture or dry room climate can damage the floorboards significantly and cause them to warp and splinter. HIRAM FLOORS solid floorboards are supplied with 8 – 10% wood moisture, which corresponds with the relative room moisture of 40 – 50 %. Before and after the installation this room moisture should be kept at a constant level.

When the floorboards will be installed on top of a cement integrating underfloorheating, it is important to let the heating on for minimum 30 days, so that all excess moisture can vaporize. After messuring the floor in several points, a moisture barrier can be installed on top to erase any concerns regarding moisture attacking the wooden floors.


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