Installation of HIRAM FLOORS floorboards

Multiple installation possibilities

Starting hundreds of years ago, solid floorboards have been installed in medieval mansions, churches and castles. Mostly installed onto wooden substructures, with dirt and stones in between the empty spaces, modern technology now allows us to use state-of-the-art wood glues and modern cements, which offer new options of installing a solid floor.


Whether you want to have it installed on cement, underfloorheatings or wooden substructures almost everything is possible. HIRAM FLOORS solid floorboards can be installed in newly built buildings as well as renovated or restored ones.

Installation-Hiram-Floors-Floorboards on Underfloorheating by-Janssen

Which Installation methods exist

Depending on the experience of carpenters, different opinions about what is possible and what not can influence a costumers buying decisions. We happily advise you with any questions you may have and offer our costumer service all the way until the floorboards are installed.

Installation of Douglas fir Floorboards

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