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We provide technical information and downloadable content. Find out about the installation of floorboards on screeds and wooden substructures. We also gladly provide you with personal consulting.


More information about the installation of solid wooden floorboards on underfloorheating here. We recommend installing on screed floors or wooden substructures with integrated underfloorheatings.


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Downloadable Content

More information about the installation, treatment and maintenance here. We provide downloadable content for Architects and homeowners.


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Before Installation

Solid floorboards made of Douglas fir timber are known for their light, reddish colors and the typical deciduous grain. To maintain these colors it is important that the rooms are prepared and certain requirements regarding room climate and temperature are met. Here is an excerpt of some important requirements


The solid wooden floorboards are delivered with a wood moisture of 8 – 10 % and should be acclimatized for about two days prior to installation. The rooms, where the florboards are going to be installed in, have to have a steady room temperature and moisture, which is a standard for new buildings. The rooms in older buildings have to be monitored and the room moisture constantly measured, so that the floorboards will not take any unnecessary damage.

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During Installation

Unlike decades ago, we are now able to choose from modern installation techniques and are presented with a wide choice of tools and state-of-the-art glues, with which these floorboards can be installed almost anywhere. Whether glued on top of screed, cement or an underfloorheating or screwed onto a wooden substructure, almost anything is possible nowadays. Should you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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Installation of Douglas fir Floorboards

After Installation

Our floorboards are supplied in an untreated state. The treatment is therefore done on-site after the installation of the floorboards is finished. Our costumers are therefore able to decide, what kind of color and treatment they would like their floors to receive. We offer you a set of choices for the Douglas fir and for the Oak floorboards, among of which treatments with lye and soap, lye and oil or just oil are the most popular ones.

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