THE DOUGLAS FIR TREE – Origin and Suitability

The Douglas fir (lat. Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a domestically grown conifer. The tree, named by the Scottish botanist David Douglas, is widely spread in Western European countries. Due to its durability and natural resistance it the Douglas fir poses as perfect raw material for Hiram floorboards.


To comply with our quality standards, our forestry experts source only the best Douglas fir timber available. We pay special attention to clean and nearly flawless surfaces with only healthy knots and no damages. Due to the immense lengths of our floorboards, the Douglas fir trees have to be between 80-120 years old, in order that they would reach a suitable height.


Every floorboard of our plank floors is unique. Their beautiful wavy grains, the interaction of the year and the  and the randomly appearing knots on the surface cause every floorboard to have their very own character and history.

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Douglas fir wood Hiram Floors

We pay special attention to the origin and the sustainable use of Douglas fir trees, which can mainly be achieved by buying timber from FSC- and PEFC- certified forests. These certifications guarantee a sustainable harvest and the promise to plant as many trees as are used, a century old standard in German forestry history.

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