Finding luxury in nature.

In 1984 Fabian von Saucken founded a horse logging company in the Black Forest, in Southern Germany. This company, later called HIRAM, started out with harvesting and trading with raw locally grown timber.

Over the course of the next decade Hiram obtained a large network of timber suppliers and founded its French subsidiary HFB. This step allowed Hiram to enter the French timber market and increase its network over all of West Europe.

In 2000 the family owned company moved to Oberkirch, close to the French and Swiss borders and started to supply flooring producers and sawmills with high quality timber. With high quality and locally grown timbers right at its doorstep, the potential of reproducing this valuable timber into different products was soon discovered and the brand HIRAM FLOORS was founded.

Whether in procurement, the production or in contact with costumers, HIRAM FLOORS is constantly trying to improve and evolve its core competencies. While the product’s quality is one of the most important aspects of the company vision, it is also the service and the everyday work of every single employee which adds to the success of the brand.


The company’s striving for quality, innovation and regional connection is apparent in the logo of HIRAM FLOORS. The eagle in the middle represents part of the blazon of the owner family. The surrounding lines represent the modern aspect and innovative thinking of the team members of HIRAM FLOORS.




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