Douglas fir Planks

Douglas fir planks delivered all across the world by Hiram Floors. Our family business offers builders and architects high quality and unique plank floors made from German Douglas fir timber. We produce lengths ranging from 1 to 15 m and widths from 200 from 400 mm in our sortings Urban Classic and Country Classic.

A brief Overview

Available Dimensions

  • Strengths: 28 mm | 35 mm
  • Widths: 200 mm | 250 mm | 300 mm | 350 mm | 400 mm
  • Room lengths: 1 – 15 m
  • Random lengths: 1 – 5 m


  • Room lengths: 2- sided T & G
  • Random lengths: 2- sided T & G. front sided G&G with random Tongue
  • Edges: Optional Bevel/ No Bevel
  • Rest Moisture: 8 – 10 %
  • Sorting: Country Classic | Urban Classic
  • Surface: Sanded, untreated. Optionally brushed or planed by hand

Wood Characteristics

  • Underfloorheating: Suitable
  • Density: ca. 0,58 g/cm³
  • Brinell Hardness: 20 N/m2
  • Fire Protection Class (EN13501-1): Dfl- s1
  • Thermal Insulation Resistance m²k/ W (EN 14342): ca. 0,22 with 28 mm strength
  • Building Control Accreditation: Not required
  • CE- Declaration of Performance according to DIN EN 14342: Available

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Choose your Floor Type

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Urban Classic

URBAN Classic floorboards create a more modern and continuous feeling in your rooms, due to the very few knots and branches on the surface and the straight, sometimes wavy grain of the Douglas fir timber.


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Country Classic

COUNTRY Classic Floorboards transmit a warm and lively atmosphere, with a higher amount of knots and the more wavy grain. This grading will ensure a cozy and more natural feeling in your rooms.

The dimensions of the Douglas fir Floorboards

Room Lengths 1 – 15 m

Room length floorboards by Hiram Floors are the crown of all floors. Originally used in castles, churches and other grand buildings, the spacious and inviting effect of these full room length floorboards looks good in any house and apartment alike.

Douglas fir floors room lengths

  • Room Lengths 1 - 15 m | Strengths x Widths

    • 28 x 200 mm
    • 28 x 250 mm
    • 28 x 300 mm
    • 35 x 300 mm
    • 35 x 350 mm
    • 35 x 400 mm

Random Lengths 1 – 5 m

Random length floorboards consist of standard lengths from 1 – 5 m. These random lengths guarantee an optimal yield of raw material. You choose, which lengths suit your project and your aesthetic taste the best.

Douglas fir floors random lengths

  • Random Lengths 1 - 5 m | Strengths x Widths

    • 28 x 200 mm
    • 28 x 250 mm
    • 28 x 300 mm
    • 35 x 300 mm
    • 35 x 350 mm
    • 35 x 400 mm

Finishing and Coloring

We supply our floorboards untreated, that means that we offer our costumers a set of treatment & coloring choices, which will then be applied on-site

On the lower hand, you will find  different options for the coloring of Douglas fir planks. We are happy to advise and to recommend the right treatment

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