HIRAM FLOORS Floorboards -Manufactured in the Black Forest, Germany

Our distinguishing feature is the production of solid floorboards made of Douglas fir, Oak, Ash or Black Forest Fir in room lengths and random lengths. The raw material is sourced in local & sustainable managed forests. Production also takes place in close proximity.


HIRAM FLOORS offers made- to-fit solution for the most individual needs

Douglas fir by Hiram Floors

Douglas fir Flooring

HIRAM FLOORS – Douglas fir flooring is a harmonious interplay between bright colors, lively grains and extraordinary dimensions.  Produced out of 80 – 120 year old Douglas fir timber, every floorboard is unique in its own way and projects the rich history of the forest, the trees were standing in.


We offer these Douglas fir floorboards in lengths between 1 and 15 m in and 200 – 400 mm widths. Apart from that, we offer our costumers a comprehensive consulting as well as the treatment and maintenance products surrounding the boards.


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Oak Flooring

HIRAM FLOORS solid floorboards made of Oak timber are the superlative of all wooden floors. The timber, sourced by our skilled forestry experts, is sawn out of 200 year old Oak trees, which originate from sustainably managed forests in Central Europe.


Oak is not only popular due to its dexterity and durability, but also due to the beautiful grain structure and the honey-like coloring.We produce widths of 190 – 300 mm and lengths between 1- 8 m in room- & random lengths.


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Oak flooring by Hiram Floors

These high quality floorboards are produced with the help of precise machinery and craftsmanship. After the arrival in the production site, the Douglas fir timber is sawn, kiln dried, planed and sanded. The timber is regularly checked for its quality. Knots are carefully glued by hand to guarantee no knot falling out later. Every floorboard is a unique wooden element, shown by its natural color and warmth transmitted in any room.
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